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Waxes - Paste & Hybrid
Pre-wax Cleanser - Polish
Soap - Wash - Shampoo
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Welcome to Victoria Wax Wholesale Website

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Update 09/18/14

Please Keep Reading!

Please read the following and click on 'Best Results Sheets' at bottom of page if you are new to Victoria Wax products. It may make the difference between a good detail and an exceptional one.

Victoria Wax makes three types of special wax blends all using #1 carnauba wax as the prime ingredient.

(1) Show Car & Collectable Wax Blends: Concours Red & Collectors Yellow in 6oz. (full), 3oz. (half) Pot Sizes by weight.

(2) Economically Priced Wax Blends: Chaos (sharp) & Mayhem (warm) in 6oz. (full), 3oz. (half) Pot Sizes by weight.

(3) Extended Durability Wax Blend: Vic's Hybrid in 6oz. (full), 3oz. (half) Pot Sizes by weight.

All of the different blends must perform to an exacting standard set by our all-time best seller 'Concours Red'. If we were to only make one wax it would be 'Concours Red'. Concours Red was our first blend and it took over two years to mature. All of our blends originate from Concours Red's formula with varying ingredient amounts and added specific performance raw materials.

Victoria Wax takes a simplistic attitude towards the subject of car care, 'Just Keeping It Simple And Easy'. Not only are our wax blends simple to use so are our complementing products.

(4) Super Soap in 8oz., 16oz. & 32oz. Sizes by fl.oz.

(5) Deep Cleanse in 8oz., 16oz. & 32oz. Sizes by fl.oz.

(6) Quick Detail Spray in 8oz., 16oz. & 32oz. Sizes by fl.oz.

Each complementing product including our wax blends are specifically formulated to do a particular job. And at the same time must meet our exacting standards perfectly which include the following.

(a) Ultraviolet rays A & B protection during long hot summers

(b) Ease of application

(c) Ease of removal

(d) Appearance & looks, wet, dark, deep and exotic

(e) Durability from bird bombs and tree sap etchings

(f) Water behavior, beading and rinse sheeting

(g) Pleasant scent & colour

(h) Anti-static value preventing road dust collection

(i) Proper packaging appropriate for reasonable shelf life

(j) Believability in the marketing material of the brand

Following simple basic instructions can make the difference for both novice & professionals alike. The surface should not be too cold or too hot. And out of direct sunlight. Apply wax thinner than any wax you have used before. Work in small sections and don't let the wax completely dry before buffing.

If the wax dries completely many of the newer softer microfibers just don't have the ability to buff the residue off easily. Some of the newer microfibers are just too soft, keep a good old well washed cotton towel handy to remove most but not all of the residue and return to using the microfiber for the remainder. If a long time passes before you get to buffing, just reintroduce new wax to the dried wax and start over again. Heat and humidity dictates how long a wax needs to bond before buffing and then to a full air curing. If uncertain about time to buff, test a small area with buffing at different wait times, 30, 45, 60 seconds etc. Again, if the towel requires too much pressure to remove the residue, it means the towel is not right for the job or it is too soft or clogged up. Have many towels handy, a buffing towel shouldn't have to work hard at all. Another alternative is the use of a Quick Detail Spray either directly on the surface or on the towel to remove stubborn residue. The only problem with using a Quick Detail Spray over a new coat of wax is many of them have additives in them that are meant to refresh and spruce up an existing coat of wax. On a freshly waxed surface Quick Detail Sprays give a look of too shiny, too wet or too deep which may not be the original look of the vehicle. Most importantly, the use of a non-abrasive pre-wax-cleanser is recommended to remove any contaminates found on the vehicles finish. The surface should be smooth to the touch before applying a thin coat of wax.

Proper preparation of the surface can intensify the final look of the vehicle finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Victoria Wax

Waxes - Paste & Hybrid

Pre-wax Cleanser - Polish

Soap - Wash - Shampoo

Quick Detail - Booster

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