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All car care products should not be subjected to extreme heat or cold. Leaving the waxes exposed to prolonged heat will cause the liquids to become separated from the solids. When that happens it is very hard to get a good mix again. Leaving products in the car or trunk on a hot summer day will cause a mess because the bottles and jars can burst spilling product. Victoria Wax does not ship products during heat waves or cold spells.

Written by David Wyllie — October 30, 2012


Victoria Wax is trying to keep the process of ordering as simple as possible. For ordering, just click on the product or products and add to cart, fill in the required billing or shipping information, select using the postal system service you wish to use, and pay by credit card. Please remember that there is no tracking number issued for both International Small Packet Surface Mail and Air Mail. If you require tracking all of the more expensive services include it. For more help or special requests regarding wholesale please send us an e-mail by clicking on 'Contact Us'. Or e-mail direct to David Wyllie